In 2015, we began developing and perfecting the world's only algae- and plant-based shrimp. Using natural ingredients and cutting-edge science, we bring you a shrimp that is uncompromising in taste. A shrimp without slavery, bycatch, shellfish allergens, antibiotics, and ecosystem devastation. A shrimp that everybody can love. 


Industrially harvested seafood wreaks havoc on workers, our health, and our environment. The stories below are not the exception -- they are everywhere.


It starts with shrimp.


We founded New Wave Foods to preserve and enrich seafood traditions while taking the problems of commercial fishing out of the equation. We've started by perfecting a plant- and algae-based shrimp because the crustacean is the most-consumed seafood on the planet and among the most damaging.

But we are not stopping with shrimp. We are already developing lobster, crab, and fish fillets (salmon, tuna, pollock and more)!