Tech Insider: I tried 'shrimp' made in a lab — and now I'd consider ditching the real thing

I love shrimp more than most things. Put a platter of shrimp with cocktail sauce in front of me and I'll be entertained for hours. And I'm not alone in my adoration for the crustaceans — we eat over 1 billion pounds of shrimp in the US every year. That's more than any other type of seafood.

The problem: fishing for wild shrimp can be environmentally destructive, the seafood has acarbon footprint that's 10 times greater than beef (which already is responsible for a huge amount of carbon emissions)  and the shrimp supply chain is thought to be rife with human trafficking and abuse. 

But after trying a lab-made "shrimp" made of plant proteins and algae, I'd consider giving it up the real thing. Maybe others will too.