Delicious plant-based shrimp.


Our shrimp is out of this world delicious. It’s 100% plant-based, sustainable, vegetarian and kosher. And it contains zero cholesterol. Sautéed, grilled, breaded, fried. Shrimp tacos, shrimp salad. Any way you choose. It cooks and tastes just like the real thing. So go ahead, bite into something really good.


Better for you. Better for our environment.


New Wave Shrimp doesn’t stop at deliciousness. When you choose New Wave Shrimp, you’re making a decision that helps protect our oceans today, and for future generations as well.


Just a few of the benefits of our plant-based shrimp:

  • Zero cholesterol

  • Lower in calories

  • Vegetarian and kosher

  • No shellfish allergens

  • Sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly


The dishes you love.


Our plant-based shrimp cooks just like the real thing. Fry them up for shrimp tacos. Cover them in a curry sauce. Toss ‘em with linguine. Or try ‘em in your favorite recipe. You’ll be hard pressed to tell ‘em from the real thing. Just click on the recipes tab above for some delicious inspiration from an internationally known chef.


We’re making waves.


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