Exploring operator interest in plant-based shrimp.

Views on serving plant-based shrimp options.

Shrimp: a popular, versatile profit driver.

Foodservice operators are big on shrimp. Nearly 2 in 3 offer shrimp dishes on menus.1 It’s a particularly popular item in Full-Service Restaurants and C&U, where diner demand is especially strong.

Operators in these segments typically have 4 or more shrimp dishes on their menu. Popular offerings include shrimp pasta, shrimp stir fry and shrimp tacos.

Operators see plant-based offerings as a key to growth.

Today 2 in 3 operators express interest in offering plant-based alternatives—a strong number that likely will continue to grow. The segments most likely to be offering plant-based choices already? B&I and C&U.

FSDs see the value of plant-based shrimp as an additional menu item.

As consumer interest in plant-based alternatives becomes decidedly more mainstream, operators recognize the benefit of putting plant-based shrimp on menus—to appeal to the growing number of patrons who actively seek out plant-based menu options.

Most envision serving plant-based shrimp dishes as an additional shrimp menu item. Not surprisingly, plant-based shrimp has highest appeal among the healthcare segment, due to its perceived health benefits.

Seafood, the plant-based breakout star for 20211

Hot dishes have the most interest.

Operators considering serving plant-based shrimp would most likely use it in on-trend hot dishes such as tacos, pastas and stir fry.

Top Likes

Ease of prep over ocean shrimp
Same taste and texture as ocean shrimp
Flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan friendly
Longer shelf life

Versatility and easy prep is key.

Operators expect plant-based shrimp to be as versatile as ocean shrimp. And value that plant-based shrimp is easier to prep than the ocean counterpart.

Of course, ensuring that plant-based shrimp delivers the taste and texture of ocean shrimp is hugely important to operators.

New Wave Shrimp® comes pre-cooked for easy prep. Just add your favorite seasoning, sauce or global flavors to give any hot shrimp dish your signature spin.

It’s as versatile as ocean shrimp. Easy to sauté, sear, bake, deep fry or grill.

It’s less messy than its ocean counterpart, too. No peeling or deveining, and thawing is done right in the package.

New Wave Shrimp is the perfect ingredient for a wide range of on-trend dishes, including Breaded Shrimp, Honey Chipotle Shrimp Tacos and Garlic Butter Sautéed Shrimp.

Works in any hot shrimp dish you serve.

Watch our chef demo video to see how easy it is to use New Wave Shrimp.

A commitment to quality.

It’s hard to go wrong when a recipe starts with healthy, quality ingredients. With no shellfish allergens, soy or gluten, New Wave Shrimp is the breakthrough plant-based alternative to ocean shrimp. It’s always consistent in quality, size, taste and texture.

Its stable cost is a nice bonus, too. No price fluctuations from sourcing issues like with ocean shrimp.

The first of many healthy plant-forward products combining welcome workability with versatility and authentic seafood taste, New Wave Shrimp is helping operators effectively deliver the menu variety, flavor appeal and sustainable options consumers want. While creating selling power, profitability and value.

Profitable opportunities across your menu.

Delivering the succulent bite, authentic texture and appealing taste of ocean shrimp, New Wave Shrimp lets you easily offer the on-trend plant-based seafood items customers are craving.

Use it across your menu for new items, as an LTO, or as a replacement for any hot dish you serve—apps, small plates, lunch items or entrées. To easily elevate your plant-based menu offerings and increase profits.

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1 Datassential, 2020 New Wave Foods Consumer Report

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