New Wave Foods, Inc. Enters Distribution Agreement with Gordon Food Service®

July 20, 2021

Today, New Wave Foods announced a distribution agreement with Gordon Food Service® that provides direct access to New Wave Shrimp®, the innovative new plant-based shrimp, to any operator or foodservice customer east of the Mississippi River or in the Southwest. Ordering plant-based New Wave Shrimp is now even more turnkey for independent and chain restaurants and foodservice providers that work with Gordon Food Service.

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New Wave Foods Launches Its Plant-Based Shrimp to Foodservice Companies throughout the U.S.

March 30, 2021

New Wave Foods announced today that it has signed a strategic distribution agreement to officially launch its New Wave Shrimp® to North American restaurants and foodservice companies. Under a non-exclusive agreement with Dot Foods, the largest foodservice industry redistributor in North America, New Wave Foods is accelerating its go-to-market efforts by providing foodservice companies with immediate and convenient access to its plant-based shrimp.

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#TradeTalks​: Move over meat! 2021 is the year of the shrimp in the plant-based food market

FEB 9, 2021

Move over meat! 2021 is the year of the shrimp in the plant-based food market. New Wave Foods CEO Mary McGovern joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq #TradeTalks to discuss. #sustainability

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80+ Female FoodTech Founders, Leaders And Investors You Need To Know

By Nicola Spalding  / March 8, 2021

8th March every year is International Women’s Day, and FoodHack is here to celebrate the top women changing the future of food.

We asked our network to nominate founders, leaders and innovators in the food tech space, and wow did you guys/girls come through! We were overwhelmed by the responses, introducing us to incredible women all over the world working on everything from cell-based meats, to microalgae infused drinks, upcycled meals, functional foods, and lots more.

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Shrimp alternative company ‘snaps’ into foodservice

By Jeff Gelski  /  January 7, 2021

NEW YORK—New Wave Foods needed the right “snap” for its plant-based shrimp alternative. “The texture of shrimp is pretty particular,” said Michelle Wolf, co-founder and chief technology officer of the New York-based company. “There’s that snap and that succulent bite that the product has.”

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New Wave Foods launches plant-based shrimp with Tyson backing

January 6, 2021

Yahoo Finances Alexis Chistoforous and Mary McGovern, New Wave Foods CEO, discuss growth as the company completes its $18M series A fundraising.

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Startup Secures $18 Million In Funding In A Bet That Seafood Alternatives Catch On

By Margherita Beale / January 6, 2021

Shrimp is the top seafood eaten in America, and a women-led startup is now bringing a plant-based alternative made from mung bean and a seaweed derived ingredient to market, thanks to fresh funding. 

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New Wave Foods Completes $18 Million Series A Financing

January 6, 2021

New Wave Foods is disrupting the $9 billion dollar shrimp market with the introduction of a plant-based shrimp made of sustainable seaweed and plant proteins. The Company will initially focus on selling its product to restaurants and foodservice locations.

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New Wave Foods co-founder Michelle Wolf named 30 Under 30 - Food & Drink by Forbes

December 2020

With an engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University, Wolf cofounded New Wave Foods in 2015 to promote healthy and sustainable eating. The company produces a plant-based shrimp alternative made from seaweed, and is in the final stages of a $15 million Series A funding round. Tyson Ventures announced an investment in the company in September 2019. New Wave’s shrimp will launch in restaurants and foodservice locations in 2021.

Tyson embraces alt-shrimp made from plants — and it could be jumbo

By Aruka Sanchir / September 5, 2019

On Thursday the world’s second-largest processor and marketer of chicken, beef and pork announced it has invested in New Wave Foods, a San Francisco-based start-up that will debut plant-based shrimp early next year.

Company plans to release plant-based shrimp product

September 5, 2019

The new trend of plant-based food products has a new addition: shrimp.

Tyson Embraces Faux Fish by Backing Maker of Plant-Based Shrimp

September 5, 2019

Meat giant Tyson Foods Inc. venture arm bought a minority stake in New Wave Foods, a maker of plant-based shrimp.

Tyson invests in plant-based shrimp company New Wave Shrimp

September 5, 2019

Tyson is getting in on the ground floor of the next food alternative: plant based shrimp.